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Process for Receiving a Land Grant: Bounty Land

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This week is the final installment of this series. In the past four parts, I talked about the different aspects of getting a land grant – different ways to receive a patent, the entry, the warrant and survey with plat maps, and the patent. Today, I want to turn towards the State of Tennessee.

counties in the area that would later become Tennessee in 1790

State of Tennessee in 1790

During the Revolutionary War, the state of North Carolina was required to raise up troops for the Continental Line. Although the Continental Line was the army of what was to become the United States, individual states were responsible for supplying additional troops. It is important to note that this is separate from the state militias. Some states, like North Carolina, chose to entice men to serve on the Continental Line by granting land in areas that had not been settled, known as bounty land. For North Carolina, the land was in the far western parts of North Carolina in the area that would become the state of Tennessee. Not all soldiers who served on the Continental Line were eligible for bounty land. Only those on the Continental Line for no less than 24 months were eligible. (more…)

North Carolina County of the Week: Wilson County

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Wilson County NCFormed in 1855 from Edgecombe, Nash, Johnston, and Wayne Counties, Wilson County is a coastal plain county in the Neuse and Tar-Pamlico River Basins. The county was named for Mexican War hero Louis Dicken Wilson,  who was also a delegate to the constitutional convention of 1835   and member of the General Assembly.

Join us this week for a tour of the county, from its history and people to its historical and documentary collections, cultural heritage sites, and its natural heritage.

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State Doc Pick of the Week: North Carolina Emergency Preparedness Initiative and Blueprint

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PreparednessHaving an integrated emergency preparedness plan is the objective of all communities in keeping their people safe before, during and after disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. Recent disasters such as Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy drew attention to the inadequacies of disaster plans for addressing the needs of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. In 2014 North Carolina began a four-year program to focus on better serving this population. The goal is to “increase emergency preparedness for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.” This report lays out year by year the priorities and strategies for obtaining that goal.

This report can be downloaded, printed, saved, and viewed by clicking here.

Online Catalog Maintenance Scheduled for 12/16

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The State Library of North Carolina has scheduled maintenance on our online catalog for Tuesday, December 16th. The catalog won’t be available after 10 a.m., EST.  We expect the upgrades to take a few hours, but hope to be back online in the early afternoon.  You’re welcome to call  (919.807.7450) or visit during that time, or you can look  on Worldcat ( to see if our library has any of the books you’re interested in.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

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