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Digital Collections: Family Records Online

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The Family Records Online is probably the most popular collection in the North Carolina Digital Collections among genealogy researchers and for a good reason! What do these things have in common: bible records, indexes for marriage and death notices in newspapers mid-1800s, cemetery records, and genealogy vertical files? Okay, they have quite a few things in common, such as records used by researchers, but they are also all things that can be found in this collection. Here is a closer look at this collection.


NC County of the Week: Hoke County

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The NC County of the Week for October 4-10, 2015 is Hoke County, NC!

map of NC with Hoke county highlighted in blue

For more information on this county in south-central NC, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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State Doc Pick of the Week : Upland Gazette

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The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission puts out a semiannual publication titled The Upland Gazette.

This publication provides “information about bobwhite quail, rabbits, other small game wildlife, songbirds, and many other game and nongame species and their habitats in North Carolina”. The publication also reports on “results of recent wildlife research and information on critical issues impacting wildlife”.

The Upland Gazette has recently released it’s final standalone edition and it will now be a part of the Wildlife in North Carolina magazine.

You can view, download, print, and save this publication here.

Databases at GHL – Black Historical Newspapers

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The Government & Heritage Library offers many databases. Some databases can be very helpful for genealogy, some more historical in nature, and some statistical in nature. Many of these databases are through subscription services that patrons can use free in GHL. Other libraries may offer the same or similar subscriptions if you are not able to come here to use them. One such database is the Black Historical Newspapers.


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